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via Harry Laos
  • Action Man Restoration Project
    It has been confirmed that Action Man will not accept any further donations from the grotesque creature Jar Jar Binks. Action Man has come to appreciate having Jar Jar's arm, though spastic. But, as the IG post revealed, the creatures leg donation was far too alien for human usage. Action Man must remain human and dignified. A new calf and 2 feet will be sourced from eBay. Once again, after over a decade, Action Man will stand on his feet again!
  • Kenner Superpowers
    After the blog detailing the legendary Superpowers burial of Superman, my eyes do constantly venture at his good friend Green Lantern in the photo. Crippled by the Guy Fawkes Battles, missing an arm and leg, the thoughts of getting a mint replacement have suddenly now evolved into restoration! Why not hunt down replacement limbs and bring him back! He's a legend with history! What kind of story would his replacement have? I wouldn't know...
  • Marvel Infinite Series Vulture
    I reported my displeasure at this cheap quality figure on my IG. Then I banished him to the garage, not worthy of display. Now, dear I say it, I have forbidden feelings of wasting him with fireworks. I do not condone such destruction of figures (except during the Guy Fawkes Battles) but the only way I can redeem the errors of my ways is to see this hunk of junk get dealt to! ๐Ÿ˜
  • The Peroxide Baths
    This post proved popular for its common subject matter relevant to all action figure lovers. Some have heard of the myth. Some, like myself, tried it and marvelled at it's miracles. Then finally, some realised it was all too good to be true ๐Ÿ˜•
  • Hot Toys = Insanity
    We all know the lifelike beauty of these toys and I guess I would like one lying around to admire. But hey, the prices of these are just insanity! Lets target the adult collectors who, bordering proudly on obsession, devote all their cash to their beloved way of life. I am all for this as I used to do it. But even at my peak, would I have considered such madness? Well, adjusting for inflation, I probably would have joined in the insanity... perhaps .. but still.. Hot Toys = Insanity
  • Figure Shout Out!
    Senator Palpatine from 1999 has been a popular figure for me time and time again. He has even made appearances in some of my movies. His trademark pointed finger has been most infamous ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • I Got A Black Series Figure!?
    After preaching the word in my blogs and denying any 6" action coming my way, I relented and decided to get one.. and I do mean one figure.
    Boosk of course was the chosen one, after all he does look spectacular as evident on my IG feed with numerous devotion to him via photography.
    The price was right so I said why not. After ripping him open and smelling his new plastic feel, I came to understand the obsession with this range.
    I myself will not get involved... haha!.