Battle of Guy Fawkes 1989 – 1991

Oh how I loved fireworks! November 5th was celebrated as Guy Fawkes in NZ. An evening of explosive action. But it was the build up, days prior, that was most exciting! Taking a walk with some Double Happies and going for it. This was until, we came up with the Battle of Guy Fawkes!

PO HA! – Best quality supercharged!

As mentioned, the Double Happies were it! The thunderbolts, that could blow up letterboxes tied together, were only legend by my time, long banned. The Po Ha’s (as we called them) would follow suit in 1990 but I did make sure I had some for the following battle in 1991.

In 1989, my influential friend of figures Thimos, came over on Guy Fawkes night for what became the first of 3 battles. It was a magical night full of wonder and a fitting end the the 1980s.

My friend Thimos was most influential in the concept of motion pictures 4 figures!

Action Man, of course, was behind the assault against the figures, who comprised of GI Joes, 1984 Super Powers and Buck Rogers, the 1978 figure who came my way the previous year by chance.

In 1990 had nailed some figures a day earlier with some Tom Thumbs (Pitiful small double happies you could hold in your fingers) and declared the night of the 5th as the major offensive.

Tom Thumbs were lucky to inflict any damage!

The battle on the 5th was strategic and followed the same pattern over the 3 years it was implemented.

The figures took cover in the garden with well dug trenches and hiding behind the plants (that were Trees to them). The first assault involved standing back at least 2 meters and launching our missiles by throwing the double happies.

After that, we moved in closer for a more precise attack! Double Happies were placed in traps and figures made foolish mistakes investigating their suspicions. At this close range, we begun to initialize our fireworks known as “Showers”. These were placed at ground level and emitted pretty showers of sparks. Not too useful in their recommended state, but lethal when pointed at figures. Some figures, such as the over confident Superman, put his head on one of the Showers thinking nothing could happen to him. This led him to wearing a mask in the final battle in 1991 due to disfigurement.

1991 – The final year… the figures before battle.

This was all tremendous fun! Sure I was putting my GI Joes at risk, figures only 2 years earlier were nothing but a dream. But I was sooo Star Wars loyal at this point that the Joes were expendable and I felt little empathy. However, by the final year of battle in 1991, I was guilt ridden at this mass murder.

There was no footage of the battle in 1989 and 1990 only briefly. But the final battle in 1991 was documented wonderfully with close to an hour of battle footage, including close ups of the figures in the trenches.

Viewer discretion is advised – Swearing & Violence against figures! Guy Fawkes 1991.

So there ended the battles in 1991, though I did think we would do it again with Thimos in 1992. A year on however, friends and priorities had changed. Sporadic fighting did continue through the years with Action Man and survivor GI Joes still getting attacked.

It was the way you played with the figures

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