Naked, confident, street tough and generally respected

The refined beauty of David had only recently made his appearance in the world of figures but his arrival has been vicious! His peers are simultaneously bewildered and fascinated with his naked sheen of marble. For never before, bar Big Jim & Action Man stripped bare during battle, has one paraded their genitalia for all to see, and one so detailed!

Initially teamed up with the cupids, their company drifted quickly as David found his attention span most distracted. The Cupids decided to go independent and have specialized in romantic prophecies and sexual favors. They were hired by Action Man briefly and serenaded him with stories of upcoming lovers. They have yet to be seen

David was observed as an ancient god by the figures and worship was soon initiated by Palpaltine and Anakin Skywalker. During this time, the figures loyalty was rock solid and even The Beetle infiltrating a session of worship and desecrating David with disrespect, was not enough to dismay the figures.

The Naked Statue, as he became known after his God run came to an end, was looking for acceptance.. for street credibility. He began networking with costumed criminals who obviously were amused by his appearance, but quickly found admirable qualities of stealth and fighting technique. A brief partnership was Doctor Doom was planned but it got no further than the publicity photo shoot. Rumor has it that Doom found the marble laden man somewhat distracting and could not concentrate.

There was a new boss in town! Boosk in 6″ scale. He was awesome! There was no denying his presence and power. There he stood upon the shelf looking down at the helpless figures. Who would challenge him? David saw the wonderful opportunity to solidify his reputation and he scaled the walls and grappled with the deadly bounty hunter. What a shock it was when Boosk pleaded in submission.

None other than the almighty Action Man witnessed David defeat Boosk and decided to ask him to be his new assistant in his upcoming operation involving the donation of a new leg that would allow Action Man to stand on his own 2 feet once again. David agreed to being Action Man’s new henchman. Perhaps it seemed like a fantastic career move, but as per usual Action Man belittles all that serve him and David, in his naked glory, is in the firing line for abuse and possible violation with Action Man’s well known fetish for bi sexual encounters.

David’s latest team up is one he may come to regret