GI Joe Guilt

Brutal to think my originals of these figures perished in the Guy Fawkes Battles.

Yes I destroyed the majority of my GI Joe figures in a vicious 3 year war from 1989 to 1991 (See Battle of Guy Fawkes). The fireworks I amassed did brutal damage! The reasoning was that I had dedicated myself to collecting the now old Star Wars figures, so I began swapping and burning these lovely GI Joes. A few survivors clung to life and lived on in isolation in the wash house. Beachhead, Monkeywrench and a rather clean Serpentor come to mind. I think we all liked our figures getting real battle damage during the course of games (As opposed to the fake offers of battle damage on say the X Wing and He-Man). It gave them career and status!

But, truth be told, the battle of Guy Fawkes had one objective and that was to annihilate the figures. It was majority GI Joe but their army consisted of sporadic recruits from other factions such as Buck Rogers and the 1984 Super Powers Superman & Robin. In Fact, Superman was a well known survivor!

Viewer Discretion is advised! – Zap being blown by a double happy!

The Battle of Guy Fawkes footage reveal moments where I plead with my friend Thimos not to totally destroy the figures, but it was unstoppable.
We destroyed them and won the battle. But in my destruction, there still was good in me. Thimos however had crossed into the dark side. His famous last words in that trademark voice were “Too late Harry.. Too late..”

Viewer Discretion is advised! Violent burning of GI Joes.!

The Sparkler Attack link features Guy Fawkes survivors Mainframe (In a plaster arm cast), Thrasher & Road Pig. Funny how they survived 3 years of battle, just to be dealt with in the garden by Laos being recreational.

It was the way you played with the figures


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