Hoth Han & Hothtrooper

These two figures are the only survivors of a brutal natural disaster that cost the lives of their friends and colleagues in 1981.

Christmas 1980. Between my brother and I, a juicy selection of Empire Strikes back figures from the Hoth Terrain were gifted upon us. 2 Troopers, AT AT Driver, Han & 2 Rebel Soldiers.

Pictured are victims Han & the 2 Hothtroopers

My older Brother gave up his figures and gave them to me the following year. What a score! To celebrate, I took them to my new School I had just started.. Kilbirnie School. I remember sitting on the mat with these 5 figures in front of me. Other kids were touching them also in fascination.

The 5 were the 2 Hothtroopers, Han Hoth & the 2 Rebel Soldiers

It was a brutal rain storm that day. Of course I was not going to stay in the classroom at lunchtime with all these figures! So out I was with a couple of willing participants. The game to be played revolved around an exciting drain that was gushing water at tidal wave speed. The figures could go for a ride!

Man they took off! I ran with them! It was so exciting! They were swishing around in the waves, survival skills in full effect! THEN, they reached their fate… the drain grate! It all happened so fast.. I saw it happen and could not stop it. Each figure vanished under the surge of water through the horizontal grates and into the sewers below.. I was devastated as the stood in the rain rubbing my fingers along the grate hoping for a miracle.

My inheritance of my brothers figures was short lived.

A couple of days later there were reports of some figures in the school lost property. I ran there as fast as I could believing they were all saved but only two figures were there… It was Han and a Hoth Trooper.

Sometime later I showed Han to my brother and told him the story of survival and that he was once his. Instead of being blown away as I had hoped, he replied with “Do you think his head would come off if I threw him at the TV”. I said I don’t think so. He then threw him at the glass screen, full power with a perfectly angled direction that hit face first and snapped his head off. I said WOW but was actually sad the legend suffered again. His head was glued at a unique angle giving him wisdom.

My mother purchased these As Seen on TV scissors that could cut through anything. I needed a figure to volunteer their hard rubber arm for a test. Who braver than Hoth Trooper survivor of the 1981 disaster!

The scissor sliced so easily I could not stop it! I knew he would lose an arm! But the scissors were so smooth I had to do it!

Both Han and Hothtrooper are cared for in an elderly home for legends of years past.

May they be undisturbed and one day reunited with their lost friends.

Hoth Trooper also suffered a cracked head under heavy trauma