Phantom Menace Figures Ruled!

Look at these works of beauty!

Oooh the forbidden taboo!

Well back in 1999, I loved The Phantom Menace. I had been waiting for the new films ever since reading about them in my 1990 Lucasfilm Fan club magazine. The article said Lucas would start work on the new films in 6 years time. My god! ..That’s a lifetime away! Turned out he was accurate and it was not just idealistic talk.

With the Star Wars toy revival in 1995 with that reject first series of figures where they were bodybuilders, things were bleak. Then they took heed and delivered some sexy figures in the next line. So sexy in fact, I felt guilty of betrayal as I was confused over the original and it’s new imagining. Having my attention drawn away with new versions of beloved favorites like Bossk or Greedo was unprecedented. Crisis took hold! Which one would I display?? I gave up fighting and displayed both. This new wonderful series and style packaging was the basis for the Ep 1 figures and who can deny they did not look amazing. The stances were right on. These were no fools on display. The detailing and texture in the rubber jackets of Palpatine and Chancellor Valorum are things I still caress with glee.

Yes! I got Jar Jar. I pushed my luck and got a 12″ Jar Jar. I was somewhat out of control but at least Jar Jar had a purpose in the end when he donated his arm for Action Man.

My Phantom Menace figures were so hip and wonderfully photogenic, they got to star in the permanently unreleased motion picture “Love Toy”. That’s the one where Action Man and Jarrod cause mayhem as fraudulent record producers.

Not all was well in the toy line however. Apart from Anakin’s wonderful Pod Racer, there was abysmal vehicles based on sub standard designs and no comment on the infamous Battle Droids…

I enjoyed the Phantom Menace big time in 1999 and I am grateful I did as I had a great time. I saw it more times at the cinema than it is socially acceptable to admit. The sound rush of the Pod Racers and the Lightsabers had me totally addicted! The figures have aged far better than the motion picture and I am happy to display them on my window sill. These were the last figures I got into before quitting collecting circa 2001. Seeing the Episode II line in 2002 and their awful renderings gave me no reason to re emerge from retirement. In the last few years however, I have seen some excellent new Star Wars figures. The 6″ Black Series come to mind, though I find them somewhat over engineered. But at that scale, I would only like one or two display pieces. I am far too well entrenched in the 3.75 scale. As nice as all these newer figures were and continue to be, it is not enough to pull me back to the realm of Star Wars figure collecting. I can’t help but note how overpriced they are. Hasbro are totally cashing in on the addiction of collectors, willing to blow their finances on anything related to their cause. But hey, I have enough Star Wars figures anyway right? and there are other lines of figures to bestow my love to. Especially the ones I lost during childhood.

Oh, but I must remind myself. As I mentioned in my previous post regarding my WWF figures… who am I fooling?

Not going to buy another Star Wars figure ever huh?

It was the way you played with the figures

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